Geo Wyeth's, One Man Exceptional Band @ Joe's Pub

Geo Wyeth’s masterful skill and intentional hesitation created an edge of uncertainty and unpredictability at his solo show at Joe’s Pub last night. Although the set was clearly planned it felt like a conceptual foray into musical chance operation.

Geo opened with the set creating a disorderly clutter of drum beats with a strapped together Tom Tom. He paced through the crowd leading his own parade to join guest saxophone player on stage. Throughout the set he played the baby grand with unbridled force and exuberance. Geo sung with conviction but created a vocal stutter step suspending his vocals in mid air. While playing a hand held Casio he sang phrases gathered from field studies of New York conversations.  When he picked up the acoustic guitar I didn’t expect it to be beat with a drum stick.

Whether he played the electric guitar, keyboard, baby grand or drums, each instrument provided and opportunity for self expression and undeniable experimentation.