Kickstarter Campaign For Adventures in Plymptoons

In the spirit of the independent music I write about I was compelled to feature this Kickstarter project, because it reeks of DIY gone right. Determination, conviction and a little humor goes a long way and independent filmmaker Alexia Anatosio has all that and more.

Her documentary Adventures in Plymptoons about Oscar nominated animator Bill Plymton is currently in post-production and in need of additional funding. Alexis is hoping to achieve her goals through an inventive Kickstarter campaign that bring fans and donors into the fray. To achieve her goals she is wiling to give it her all, including shaving her beautiful locks of hair and fashioning a Mohawk.

Alexia’s enthusiasm for this project is contagious. She celebrates and is inspired by Bill Plympton’s career as an independent filmmaker and is making this documentary with the same independent spirit. All filmmakers, artists and musicians should take note and be inspired as well.

Alexia’s Kickstarter campaign is absolutely worth a click to view. It features some takes with Bill Plymton and anecdotes by a few of his voice-over team edited with clips of Plympton’s animated world.

Even if you don’t have the funds to help her achieve her goals you can help spread it around through networking.

For additional inspiration read Alexis’ interview with Film Threat here

video interview Alexia Anastasio at Comic Con 2010 for Adventures in Plymptoons
by Jon Raymond from The Writers Muse

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