North Highlands Kick off Sound Bites Music Series

North Highlands

With scenic views and a breezy tempo Sound Bites, Bill Pearis kicked off his curatorial gig booking bands for the South Street Seaport's festival summer season. Every Wednesday in June starting at noon, Pearis will put on his DJ hat for an hour of tunes followed by the scheduled band. It's formal title is Sound Bites Lunchtime Series and it's free!

This Sunday during Memorial Day weekend North Highlands a Brooklyn quintet fronted on keys and lead vocals by Brenda Malvini, graced the stage. They played accessible and contagious music that is bouncy, poppy and dreamy. The folk instruments like the mandolin and violin were delightfully integrated into an orchestral mix of keys, drums and electric guitar. The drumming was especially awesome.

Brenda's voice has a smooth tonality with playful breathy aspects that are immediately endearing. When the band revs up in intensity her voice and mannerisms animate to engage the audience. North Highlands is a tight and spunky band that has lots of heart. I loved them.

The line to buy North Highlands EP "Sugarlips" were longer then I expected. It was nice to see random passersby willing to shell out dough for an unknown band.

If you can, don't miss: June 2nd, Air Waves, June 9th The Austin McCutchen Quartet, June 16th Ribbons, June 23rd The Beets and June 30th Toys and Tiny Instruments Band.

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