Hell No, Art Event / Brooklyn


Hell No an art event at Convent of Saint Cecilla in Williamsburg Brooklyn curated by David Fierman and RJ Supa is scheduled to kick off April 30th.

Press release:
The artists’ varied work deals with issues of violence, abstraction, sexuality, reflection, medicine, science, religion, consumer culture and its detritus, and art history, among other wide ranging topics. HELL, NO! aims to find the commonalities amongst the discord, to find the thematic and formal links that bring a cohesion to the chaos. Further, the space itself, a worn out, bare bones, beautiful and eerie former convent plays as much a role in the show as the art itself. Its quiet dignity, holding on in the face of half-finished and decaying glass towers surrounding it, presents a final HELL, NO!, reminiscent of the nuns who once inhabited it, working furiously to ward off condemnation and oblivion.

featuring RJ Supa, Leidy Churchman, Lucas Michael, Becky Brown, Wardell Milan, Jeremy Eilers, Richard Ziello, Matthew Kirk, Faren Ziello, Michael Mahalchick, Beth Beverly, Jaimes Mayhew, Amanda Maher, Cyle Metzger, Benjamin Fredrickson, Victoria Keddie, Hank Shedd, Gretchen Winterkorn, Carter, Titus Kaphar, Jaeeun Lee, Joshua Johnson, Davina Semo, Juan Bethancurt, Mike Kenney, Michael Hilsman, Julie Opperman, Virginia Vergera, Nora Griffin, Elias Melad, Marianna Ellenberg, Michael Rudokas, and more!

Earlier this spring Fierman staged and art performance event to Save The Starlite Lounge in Crown Heights the oldest "non discriminating" African-American owned bar in the city from eviction. The performances were kitschy, edgy, theatrical, interactive, diverse and good fun. The Karaoke Queen Lady Jasmin resident drag queen of the Starlite was the master of ceremony, taking the genre of Karaoke to mezmorizing levels.

See pictures Here featuring:Ryan McNamara, Lucas Michael,Fetchin' Gretchen, Black Waterfall and Bobby Service, Kalup Linzy, Michael Mahalchick,Dynasty Handbag,RJ Supa and Lady Jasmin.

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