Hell No, Art Event / Brooklyn


Hell No an art event at Convent of Saint Cecilla in Williamsburg Brooklyn curated by David Fierman and RJ Supa is scheduled to kick off April 30th.

Press release:
The artists’ varied work deals with issues of violence, abstraction, sexuality, reflection, medicine, science, religion, consumer culture and its detritus, and art history, among other wide ranging topics. HELL, NO! aims to find the commonalities amongst the discord, to find the thematic and formal links that bring a cohesion to the chaos. Further, the space itself, a worn out, bare bones, beautiful and eerie former convent plays as much a role in the show as the art itself. Its quiet dignity, holding on in the face of half-finished and decaying glass towers surrounding it, presents a final HELL, NO!, reminiscent of the nuns who once inhabited it, working furiously to ward off condemnation and oblivion.

featuring RJ Supa, Leidy Churchman, Lucas Michael, Becky Brown, Wardell Milan, Jeremy Eilers, Richard Ziello, Matthew Kirk, Faren Ziello, Michael Mahalchick, Beth Beverly, Jaimes Mayhew, Amanda Maher, Cyle Metzger, Benjamin Fredrickson, Victoria Keddie, Hank Shedd, Gretchen Winterkorn, Carter, Titus Kaphar, Jaeeun Lee, Joshua Johnson, Davina Semo, Juan Bethancurt, Mike Kenney, Michael Hilsman, Julie Opperman, Virginia Vergera, Nora Griffin, Elias Melad, Marianna Ellenberg, Michael Rudokas, and more!

Earlier this spring Fierman staged and art performance event to Save The Starlite Lounge in Crown Heights the oldest "non discriminating" African-American owned bar in the city from eviction. The performances were kitschy, edgy, theatrical, interactive, diverse and good fun. The Karaoke Queen Lady Jasmin resident drag queen of the Starlite was the master of ceremony, taking the genre of Karaoke to mezmorizing levels.

See pictures Here featuring:Ryan McNamara, Lucas Michael,Fetchin' Gretchen, Black Waterfall and Bobby Service, Kalup Linzy, Michael Mahalchick,Dynasty Handbag,RJ Supa and Lady Jasmin.


Crackerfarm Works His Magic On Langhorne Slim Video

Langhorne Slim @ Bell House

works it quietly capturing all the grit and insane energy of Langhorne Slim live, creating a montage video of spliced together shots of the band playing the song "Cinderella" at different venues.

I got a cameo dancing and receiving a lovely kiss from the stage at The Bell House @ 1:39 Vimeo time.

“Cinderella” flirts with the listener, offering a soulful wink with help of honkey tonk swing and an enthusiastic boy chorus. OCM 11/ 09


Langhorne Slim; Stomping @ City Winery live review

Langhorne Slim @ City Winery

Langhorne Slim filled the beautiful City Winery with a soul fiery epic performance. They made the 21,000 square foot space feel intimate, crazy and spontaneous. When it was over I was drenched and satisfied in Langhorne Love.

City Winery is rustic chic and spacious, filled with tables and patrons ready for music, dinner and drinks. I Franky didn't know what to expect. I have seen Langhorne Slim so many times but rarely at a seated venue.

Langhorne managed to excite all the sitters and somehow got everyone to stand, clap and dance. At one point he hopped out deep through the seats leaving the mic and band on stage. Still there was no dead air, the audience just filled right in. He welcomed people up to dance and generally orchestrated a two hour long set.

They selected a broad range of songs and mixed everything up between acoustic, solo and full band crowd pleasers like "Cinderella", "I Love to Dance", "In the Midnight" and "Mary". It was beautifully timed and selected but totally in the moment.

Langhorne naturally gives his fans and any audience his complete and undivided attention and the awesome band Malachi Delorenzo (drums), David Moore (banjo/keyboard) and Jeff Ratner (bass), kept up with his every move and that ain't easy!

Flickr Set documents the many facets of the set!


Max Vernon Chasing Poetic Schemes Live @ Joe's Pub

.......so how do I give up the fight after spending my life chasing my poetic schemes...........

Max Vernon played an awesome new song "Walls" at his Joe's Pub debut in April. It was the only self-reflecting song of the night but one that has universal qualities for those that have dreams. There are two more lively videos of "Psycho Bitch" a song about a person whose music dreams are unobtainable for unforgettable reasons and "Girlfriend" and a gay twist on the love triangle.

Max Vernon Channel for more! 


Max Vernon and Dan Fishback Share the Spotlight @ Joe's Pub

Max Vernon Joe's Pub Faux Photo

It was a night of firsts for musicians Max Vernon and Dan Fishback who are about a decade apart sharing the bill for their Joe's Pub debut. They have different music styles but both are clever songsters and have the Charm factor sewn up.

Max Vernon rolled out a more poppy set then usual playing solo on the piano, guitar or keys and featuring the band in groupings or as a whole. It was an assemblage of diverse parts whether acoustic, synth, cool backup vocals or the bow cello percussion it was smart ass planning.

In prime form was Vernon's magnificent vocal talent, smart as hell songwriting and piano chops that ease across the keys. He was so relaxed that he shared stories behind the songs. They were poignant, topical or downright sassy.

When he played his only slow song "Pastels" fans in rafters were cooing and he replied "I guess I got a hit". "Sirens" sounded great with the full band and he strutted his tall frame at the keys with another new one "The Morning After" with a little cool splice in of Lady Gaga's "Just Dance".

Max Vernon is spectacular to look at. His long lean six foot three inch frame is always styled to delight. Eye Candy yes, but what really shines is his sincere and charmingly awkward way. Case in point as he entered and left the stage with a goofy wave. He could have soaked up the adoring attention and milked it with a very long deserved bow.

Talent like his does not come around too often and at twenty one his ability and determination will bring him a successful long lasting career. I'm just happy to be able to witness and document it from the beginning.

Dan Fishback @ Joe's Pub

Dan Fishback's very high voice is pitch perfect, clear and pristine. He is proudly gay and that is reflected in his songwriting usually performed alone with his acoustic guitar. But for this performance he pulled out all the stops with a very tight accomplished band featuring guitar, piano and drums. In stark contrast to the serious side of the instrumentation was his comedic and witty lyrics. One example was the song "Make Out"/ I'm going to make out with everybody who philosophically disgusts me /.

Not being familiar with his music the first thing that came to mind was John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats reflecting a certain rhythm and ongoing dialogue tied together with great melody.

A delight was the guest appearance by Sammy Tunis of the band The Lisps joining Dan for an acoustic duet. He ended the set with a proud anti-folk chorus contingent who joined him on the stage for the finale.

His cutest remark of the night was when he said, "he didn't have time to write any new material because he was happily in love". His charming sweet demeanor and cool geeky exterior was beyond endearing and a delight.

Photo tragedy: Dropped my camera and the memory card fell out! So hopefully the other photographers there will publish the real event. Max Vernon shot is a Faux Photo. Damn I had some great shots now enclosed forever in a vacuum bag.