Vio Mire's Music Brings Beauty to the Pink Couch

Vio Mire brings warmth and astounding beauty to the dusty Pink Couch at If You Make It headquarters. I am proud that I was responsible for helping to make this happen. Dave Gawacke Owner and Creator of IYMI fit both Vio Mire and Liz Isenberg into his recording schedule. Their tour had one open slot and Dave came through.

To affect someone very strongly in a way that is difficult to forget
Something about the haunting beauty Vio Mire's Music really got under my skin. Watch and I think you would agree!

"Vio Mire's folk lush pop beckons attention and exposure. His tenor vocal range whispers, hushes, lulls and then fully opens to relay his written stories in song that hold deep resonance. They ebb and flow between cliff hanging whispers and timing." OCM 2/10 read more Here.

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