Spreading Drink Up Buttercup Around


The very first time I saw this amazing band on their first trip to New York it has been my mission to spread Drink Up Buttercup around. Mission accomplished!

You'll be able to buy their record
debut Born and Thrown on a Hook in your local stores and everywhere online come March 23rd. Below the Video Trailer tells the story from the bands perspective about their recording process.

Drink Up Buttercup // Born and Thrown on a Hook EPK from Drink Up Buttercup on Vimeo.

This is the EPK for Drink Up Buttercup's full length debut Born and Thrown on a Hook. The album was recorded in Philadelphia from summer 2008 till spring 2009 and was mixed by Rusty Santos in summer 2009. Band: James Harvey, Farzad Houshiarnejad, Ben Money, and Mike Cammarata.

Drink Up Buttercup stopped by Band In Boston Podcast (The Flophouse Sessions) and recorded: Gods and Gentlemen, Lovers Play Dead, Doggy Head, Sosey and Dosey and Young Ladies. Listen or download all here.

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elizabeth said...

you gave me them
and i have given them to my siblings and best friends.
soooooo good!