Paper Garden Records @ 3rd Ward Review


Multiverse Playground event was presented by Paper Garden Records @ 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, a member-based design center. Sponsors included: 3rd Ward, Uncensored Interview, Art Battles, Lomography, 1776, The BLDG, Project Fathom.

Paper Garden Records current roster Peasant, Emanuel and the Fear and Darla Farmer represent a perfect diverse live line-up. I endured Art Battles and Comedy Central's Kurt Metzger before the bands started. It was an "Experience" for me but both were enthusiastically received by the crowd.

Peasant @ 3rd Ward

Peasant's slot was to follow the comic, a difficult feat at best for a guy with a guitar. Fortunately for all who slowly reentered the backspace and made a commitment to stay, soon realized Peasant (Damien DeRose) is not standard singer songwriter fare. His is a voice to follow. He played some new songs from Shady Retreat to be released in 2010 and one never performed live. We were treated to two older songs from On the Ground. "Your Good" was fabulous without the drums and Damien said he usually plays "Manners" when an audience is polite. "Hard Times" was appropriate and gave me pause to think about Peasant's ability to weave topical content without being preachy. Peasant is a quiet but reflective voice of his generation. And his voice penetrates in a subtle but lasting way.

Emanuel and the Fear

Emanuel and the Fear are a great live experience with multi-layers of sophisticated composition and an accomplished orchestra. Emanuel Ayvason on keys, guitar and vocals lead the pit with dynamic zeal and musical prowess. He is a music force with a vision and is willing to fuck with it in a good way. Adding drummer Jeff Gretz's metal magic adds an aggressive contrast to the mix. The sound leaves the listener on edge and shakes things up with untimely structures, raw and in the moment vocals without ever loosing the sensuous full embodied sound. Aggressive Orchestral Pop!

Darla Farmer

Darla Farmer makes me smile. They are an ambitious six piece outfit who ploughed through a lively diverse set. Take guitar, bass and drums mix in some horns and keys and grind it out. Their geeky awesomeness is very appealing blurring art rock, noise, metal, Orleans style jazz, screamo with the quirkiest nasal vocals of lead singer Bryce Leonard. We were treated to what seemed like an impromptu Devo style Hip Hop with the best awkward dance moves. It was a rip! Darla Farmer's original sound might be a result of geographical southern roots. Whatever the inspiration, I'm looking forward to more.

At about 1:00 AM more folks invaded to catch
Boy Crisis and Das Racist and for the young the night was just starting. I left at 1:30.

Flickr Set is not up to par but I found the staging area too long with little depth making it difficult for band interaction.

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