Langhorne Slim Bell House live review

Langhorne Slim @ Bell House

Langhorne Slim worked up the formally hometown crowd @ Bell House in Brooklyn. They hung on every word, yelp, utterance and soulful vocal. The songs from Be Set Free sounded so fresh. The new band lineup spiced up songs with additional keyboard, banjo and saxophone. They set the house on fire with “Cinderella” and “For a Little While” and brushed us with a warm breeze with slower songs.

The ballads were amazing and it was so nice when Slim was alone on stage and the audience was with him all the way. This is not an intimate venue so it was striking that he was able to have a conversation between songs.

Slim expressed gratefulness to the audience who gave it right back in spades. It is not too often to see love and music working their magic. Langhorne Slim has a relationship with his audience and it’s a good one.

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