CMJ Day One

Blood Warrior @ Piano’s, Edgy Twist to Folk

Blood Warrior CMJ Piano's

Blood Warrior's brand of Folk is weighty with a thump stomping percussion, great choral harmonies and the vocal awesomeness of Greg Jamie. The music can sooth like a lullaby but don’t get too comfortable because these gentle warrior’s can bring up the volume. Their voices swell; electric guitar leads and acoustic strumming intertwine with shakers and emphasized bass drum, giving traditional Folk an edgy twist.

Max Vernon @ Kenny's Castaways, Master of Design

Max Vernon CMJ 09

Making a fashion statement at CMJ is an anomaly, but Max Vernon's intention is to please both visually and sonically. He walked onto the stage wearing asymmetrical googly eye ensemble of his own design.

He started the set by saying "please excuse my unnecessary banter, I have to fill this forty minute set" and fill he did. Max Vernon's verbal acuity does wonders for in between songs but that gift translates well to songwriting.

Standing confidently at 6’4 behind his keyboard and almost strutting he played complex pop / jazz arrangements. His vocals were daring going from low to falsetto adding unexpected touches to his recorded material. What I found the most fascinating was his ability to seamlessly create the backup vocals as well. In between he played three songs on the guitar.

A highlight was "Around Your Finger" with friend Emily to sing the chorus / I hate to tell you / that I had more fun / When you were hooked on drugs /. "Psycho Bitch" a new one is a song in the same vain. His second new offering had a haunting juxtaposition between and irregular chord repetition and a beautiful vocal. He ended with a Liz Phair cover "Canary".

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