Issue Project Courtyard Great Lineup to End Summer

Issue Project
The Issue Project courtyard on a beautiful afternoon was a perfect site to hear a selection of music by three different musicians. Greg Jamie's pure unadorned set was sandwiched in-between two experimental improvisational sets by Sacred Harp from Virginia and Honne Wells with Juan Comas.

Sacred Harp @ Issue Project

Sacred Harp’s compositional arrangements with instruments, amplification and accoutrements created a trance not for sleeping or contemplating but a welcome space from ear to head.

The instrumental set featured finger picking on a classical guitar, bowing of an electric and anything but typical on a sitar. Utilizing a looping percussion of scrubbed strings was an effective background for guitar instrumental.

Greg Jamie @ Issue Project

Greg Jamie solo set consisted of songs from his newly formed outfit Blood Warriors and one song off a 7” a collaboration with Honne Wells. Going solo is a rare occasion for a man that fronts two bands. So his apparent shyness was charming to watch. Playing guitar, hand held harpsichord and hearing his straightforward vocals were delightful.

Honne Wells and Juan Comas

The sun was setting as Honne Wells and Juan Comas were on stage and the quietness of the night took hold guiding the sound to resonate off the concrete and bricks. Starting with a five-minute compositional movement that struck time like broken clock tower. Guitar string pings applied in various measures broke up the composition and were contrasted by Honne Wells grunting low vocals.

This spectacular collaboration is something to witness. The guitar, slide guitar, banjo, mouth harp, stomping and vocals melded together to create unique sounds that are unfamiliar and offsetting. Familiarity is not their forte but to create dramatic and mesmerizing tension is.

Flicker Set Here

Blood Warrior from [dog]and[pony] on Vimeo.


Langhorne Slim / Crackerfarm Films it Best

Can't wait for Be Set Free by Langhorne Slim due out September 29th on Kemado Records! Here's a great clip by Crackerfarm with a brief interview, some crazy live footage and a sweet acoustic rendition of the song "So Glad That I'm Coming Home". For personal reasons I especially love the handsome young man with the big white specs loving the live show.


Brief Excursion To After The Jump Fest

Get Haunted

When I say brief it was but I was happy to catch Get Haunted and I’m Turning Into and the tail end of The Octagon.

Get Haunted is a little bit of Buddy Holly, Rockabilly, speed strum bottleneck and a pounding drum kit. Their shoes were waxed, a tuxedo shirt, some sharp glasses that set the stage for some fancy footwork and great showmanship. So refreshing to not hear we’re from Brooklyn. Although the group hasn’t had many shows it is obvious that they are not new to music or performing. The banjo and drum were the details but the soaring outcomes of Kevin on the slide guitar shredded the joint. The drummer Sarah kept a rudimentary beat, finesse did not apply but enthusiasm, smiles and downright pounding did! Lead singer and banjo strummer Joey Macrino had awesome dance moves and an outstanding command of the stage both vocally and personally.

Although all the songs were full of life there was one outstanding exception that they dedicated to Blood Warrior. The song had levels of intrigue and several time changes that built to a frenetic beat. This made the New York debut for this three piece from New London Connecticut one to remember for them and for me.

I'm Turning Into

I'm Turning Into is a multi-instrumentalist threesome of rotating players who are adept at playing as well as singing. Fast paced punky rock mixed with experimental vocal loop effects and fast rhythmic drumming. They played the ultimate upbeat song “Would It Matter”. Other songs showed off how well they all can play whether it was a long and dynamic jam excursion “Nonlocal” or unusual vocal arrangements with perfectly intact harmonies interspersed with yodel like howling and human beat box. There are some performance quirks to work out due instrument changes but they have a lot to offer.

Edd Chittenden, Jhon Grewell, Steve Tarkington guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Check out this out on myspace you wont be disappointed.

Blood Warriors

Got to get me some balls and learn the subway system and try to brave the night. Now that I live part time in the city I thought this would be easier but it presents other difficulties. Anyway besides seeing some music I wanted to show my support to the Bloggers from After The Jump Fest who worked so hard to put this event together. Although some of the groups on the fest roster have garnered some press it usually just starts with one curated blog post, download, live review or pictures.

Although I would have loved to stay later to especially see Blood Warrior. I got to hang talk and take some pictures Greg Jamie and Kristen Kellas-Jamie two members of BW a few hours before their 10:00 o’clock set. I have seen Greg Jamie with o’death and was very lucky to catch him for Tonic's official last night doing a special guest appearance with Honne Wells.

Blood Warrior finished up their first small tour making After the Jump Fest their last stop. Featuring the great vocal styling of Greg Jamie with spirited chorus, some shakers and drunken drum beats sounds like a patchwork folk collage.

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Photographer Maryanne Ventrice documented the whole Fest at Prefix Day #3