The Lisps Musical; The Zipper Factory

The Lisps debut of their musical Futurity will be at The Zipper Factory this weekend on Friday and Saturday night. I am sure this ain't no typical musical. After seeing them perform at CMJ I was blown away. They are smart, edgy and entertaining.

"The foursome creates quirky cabaret folk-art-rock whose vaudevillian staging, augment their stellar sound. They combine great vocal arrangements with off center instrumentation. The guitar, bass and drums are combined with snippets of
melodica and spiced with eccentric percussion accents like the banging a soft mallet on a metal cabinet or hammer on a drum kit."
OCM 10/08

It is about a Civil War soldier corresponding with a mathematician and writing a science fiction novel about an inventor who is creating a steam-powered artificial intelligence that he believes is the hope for humanity.

Luke Winslow King opens the show on 1/9
Two Man Gentleman Band opens the show on 1/10

I am not a Broadway kind of gal but off off is my kind of thing!
See you Saturday! tickets

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