Turner Cody Radio Hour with Special Guest

Thrifty, Brave, and Clean is Boy Scout Recording's radio turn into the best folk music traditions. This week broadcast features a special guest and host
Turner Cody

This is a treat for my readers who appreciate great finger-picking on guitar, banjo and old traditional songs. A year and half ago I wrote to Joe Ahearn and asked if he could book a young musician who was sixteen at the time. I wrote a little copy.

“After hearing him play I thought I just witnessed the reincarnation of Jimmy Rogers or a young Woody Guthry. He is a guitar savant, plays the harmonica, sings and even yodels. Well he does share the sensibilities of the greats but he delivers his own material and covers in a very original way.”

Joe booked him to do a few songs as one of the openers for Turner Cody. Turner was blown away but was sorry to loose track of him. They were reconnected when the young man showed up at a show recently.

The end result is this incredible hour of music and discussion on Brooklyn Radio hosted by Turner Cody called Thrifty, Brave, Clean. It is a little awkward at first but hang in there. Trust me it gets very interesting. First song he played was “I’m Tired Of Everything But You” a song performed by Nick Lucas in 1927 the pioneer of Jazz guitar. About midway through he played an awesome murder ballad on banjo and later in the set a few originals.
Their conversation is an informed, relaxed and refreshingly sincere just two musicians talking and sharing what they love.

This young man's talent is deserving of exposure but I am embedding this discreetly without the usual pictures and links to afford him the space he will need to continue to explore and develop. Although some bookings would be great!
Enjoy HERE

“One of the first times, I was just blown away by a performer”
Turner Cody

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SleepWhenDead said...

Thanks so much for posting about this Obsession Collection!

I'm listening to the radio show right now, while finishing my last few papers before going on break. It's prefect for skimming wikipedia :)