Jamie Lidell; Crackerfarm / Volcanic Productions Public Assembly

Jamie Lidell
A Little Bit of Feel good goes along Way! When I was sixteen I must have listened to Otis Redding for an entire year. I still love really good soul music. Jamie Lidell as DJ can move a crowd. Bring that up 100 notches when he takes the mic. His music and vibe is contagious and something to catch. Diagnosis: flushed face, sore feet, revitalized soulful spirit, happy.
DJ Bonehawk
The Crackerfarm photography duo and Volcanic Productions presented Partyfarm for friends, associates and passersby’s with DJ Bonehawk, guest DJ Jamie Lidell and Vinyl Life closing the festivities.

s was not a typical dance crowd but slowly they got their dance on during Bonehawks set. By the time Lidell came on they totally let down their guard. By Midnight I had to make my exit but lingered a bit longer by the bar to catch the awesome close of Lidell's set. Unfortunately, I missed Vinyl Life who I here always draws a big crowd at Public Assembly.

Take a little bit of Al Green, Otis Redding, Prince and some Stevie Wonder and infuse Max/MSP digital tools and that is Jamie Lidell. The man knows how to use his tools. As a one-man band he moves the genre of soul forward. His vocal styling can elevate reaching the peak of exuberance in body and soul with auxiliary percussion. His timing is impeccable and can sing and strut with attitude. His vibe is friendly-cool with a loving desire to spread his feel good around.

The Crackerfarm team is headed to document Jamie’s European tour supporting Elton John for the next month. Wow it is perfect when talented people find each other. Just look at the videos
down under! Also check out Jamie's NEW ALBUM 'JIM'

"A Little bit of "Feel Good" filmed by Crackerfarm

Jamie Lidell and Kevin Blechdom sing "Relieving Our Power" filmed by Crackerfarm

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