Francois Virot & Ramona Cordova

I am looking forward to seeing two favorites Ramona Cordova and Francois Virot in New York July 1, 2008 Venue TBA........
repost of bulletin below......

-- 21 JUNE 2008 Frido Korea, bless his little heart, passed away the other night before the Madison show. yes, the truck is dead. I'll be continuing the tour by public bus and some help from friends... Fran├žois is not going to make it for the Canada shows, Burlington Vermont, or Biddeford Maine. He might meet up in albany to continue the tour through the end, or it might just end up that he plays Cambridge, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York as his last four dates. let see!
See and hear how awesome they are!!

cascade kisses from francois virot on Vimeo.

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