Music Blogger reviewer rant…

I love writing reviews and give it my all! Of course I write about music I love, so that part is easy. Reviewers on staff often have too much that they are required to listen to. I don't have to endure listening to music that is mediocre for the sake of review. I think that might just ruin music for me. I would become jaded.

In that regard it must be complicated being a paid reviewer and almost impossible not to be subjective.
The controversy surrounding the reviewer for Maxim who rated the Black Crowes’ forthcoming album Warpaint without really listening is disturbing. I’m sure it is common.

Bloggers also have their own set of difficulties. Posting regularly keeps a Blog viable and maintains reader interest and loyalty. I have read many reviews lately that are of the cut and paste variety.
Part of the problem is the promotional material and goodies sent as bait to peak Bloggers interest.

The written promotional resources sent to me are helpful but are the point of view of another writer or publicist. Often it is misleading and not about the music. Mainly, it contains buzzwords to encourage interest. That is why reviews often have similar key words and phrases written out of context.

Lately, I’ve been receiving music online. One might think that having done several favorable reviews of Peasant that I might have received his recording in the form of a present with a ribbon or via e-mail. Well I didn’t and like most music I love, I gladly pay for. Some music I have received is already on my radar, either I have purchased the EP or have seen the group live. I also write about groups that are not on anyone’s radar. That is something I take pride in.

So why read my reviews? I believe I have a point of view. I trust my instincts. I guarantee my readers that I really listen before writing. I listen (obsessively), absorb, and write. I will not write about music I don't love. I will write about music that has a point of view, or has the potential of moving music culture forward.

Listen to Diamond Rings 2007 from
Deer Tick! my latest obsession! War Elephant review, to post very soon! I paid for this one!!

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