Cake Shop, Chris Archibald One-Man Band Wonder

I don’t wear a watch, own a cell phone or look at a calendar. Shit, I was at the wrong venue. Happily I realized I could see Peasant and Chris Archibald of Illinois at Cake Shop. So over the bridge I drove.

Opening at the last minute was Mike Sanders of the band Abigail Warchild. He was a sweet trooper and has a deep resonating voice, similar to Jim Morrison. With his full-bodied band via MySpace his songs translate! It is hard to convey rock-oriented music acoustically.

Peasant is always solo. His songwriting and soothing vocals warm the heart. I’ll write more later this month when I publish my review of his album “On the Ground”. ..........Dreamy!
Nice words from Brooklyn Vegan

Spin.com filmed Peasant's Subway Series

Chris Archibald was a one-man band wonder. Tapping the bass drum with on foot, the cymbals with another, while strum-plucking his guitar. What a surprisingly big sound he produced. He parodied David Letterman’s Top Ten List, read and chuck to sing and chuck. About six glorious songs in he turned to the keyboard, and played a moving love song.

He has a full range when it comes to songwriting. We were treated to songs of depth, hilarious road trip band tunes and funky, saloon- folk ballads in the vain of “Nosebleed”. A song recorded with his band Illinois and also featured on the HBO show Weeds.

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