kimya Dawson; Deserving of Recognition

The music world is upside down and inside out. The soundtrack for the movie Juno featuring seven tracks by a little known DIY songstress is at the top of the Billboard charts. Through subliminal exposure Kimya Dawson’s recordings are featured predominately on the soundtrack. Kimya Dawson is in a unique position.

She has been creating great music for years with her first band The Moldy Peaches, her solo projects on K Records, and a new side projec
t Antsy Pants released on Plan-it x Records.

About seven year
s ago, I remember a family car trip listening to the Moldy Peaches. We are an open-minded lot and with giddy delight we sang along to “Whose Got The Crack” from the Moldy peaches 2001 release. Not to worry, anyone who is listening to the Juno soundtrack is not savvy enough to find this little known gem, and what would they think of it?

Kimya Dawso
n is well known in DIY circles. It is great to see a talented hardworking musician / songwriter like Kimya gain deserving recognition. She has given and shared with her fans and other musicians and will not take her success lightly. She will bring others along.

It is out of the ordinary when DIY culture meets the mainstream. When music artists, directors, screenwriters and filmmakers on the fringe meet the mainstream culture. What happens? People like the movie and the soundtrack. Exposure an interesting concept!

Non-commercial entities are now being positioned next to commercial properties. The Placement for Indie bands on commercials, TV placement in dramas and now the movies.

Listeners who think they are hearing all the latest in Indie music by tuning into college radio or hearing a playlist from KCRW, would not have been familiar with Kimya Dawson’s music. To know about Kimya and many of the musicians she tours and collaborates with, you would have to be a proactive music listener; being familiar with DIY culture, a Web board surfer, and house show participant.

ards like Plan-it X, Absolute Punk.net and Punk News.org support local DIY scenes all over the country. Word of mouth mixed tapes and house shows, doing it DIY style in full. This does not mean just booking and arranging shows. It is about communities where music is the focus and everything else revolves around it.

Music is about sharing. If your only sharing with a chosen few, that is OK but reaching the broader culture is a more interesting scenario.

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