Rants of a Music Blogger

So........you have been reading about music at Obsession Collection and wondering; does she have a fucking opinion? She likes everything. Not true. I just choose not to write about music I don’t enjoy. I like what I write about. This is not a paying job or a hobby. It is a labor of love that I fit into my full time schedule.

I am very
opinionated, extremely loyal, passionate, a little insane, foul mouthed (to make a point) and frankly too old to be doing this. Let me just say, some music makes me ill. I have seen live acts that are not ready for the printed word. I will politely listen, or exit discreetly.

This industry is tough. So many of the musicians I write about are broke. Their commitment to music has its rewards and sacrifices but is not for the weak. So…why hurt or criticize? That was never my intention. Obsession Collection is a platform for me to write about music that I think is exceptional, and often ignored. It takes time and effort to write thoughtful articles and I think the music is deserving of that kind of care.


Joey Gee said...

So what is something you're not digging on that most people are?

ARTIFACT said...

Joey Gee, you're sneaky!

Tim said...

this post means a lot to me, being a broke musician that you have chosen to take time out of your day to write about, thoughtfully and honestly. you do an excellent job here. i and the rest of the band would like to thank you sincerely for it. we're loyal readers. keep it up!
-tim, sgt dunbar & the hobo banned