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I finally found a music site destination that I consider home. Venturing to seek out music on the Internet, I sometimes feel like a weary traveler. But this traveler was immediately enticed to stay and explore an original, innovative and beautiful site. In lieu of photographs, Daytrotter displays original illustrations that are elegant, quaint originals. The artistic format is the bait and the hook is the content and the music.

Daytrotter's music selection reflects their acute taste that formally presents alternative music of quality. A standout feature is the signature "Daytrotter Sessions" that capture two recording sessions a week by selected touring bands. The bands record exclusive, re-worked, alternative versions of songs and unreleased tracks that are available for free download. One click on an illustrated band image leads to four original one of a kind tracks. Accompanying the sessions are literary articles that offer a highbrow approach to the written word, that are
sometimes followed by a quirky offbeat interview style.

The verbose writing informs the desire to hear the music of new and unknown music groups. This is a sample of Sean Moeller’s writing, about the music of singer songwriter Elvis Perkins........ Listen closely and you can hear all of the intricacies that make Perkins unlike all other manners of fare and ilk. There are fireflies in these songs and there are warm touches..................

I stumbled upon Daytrotter while writing a review about the band o’death, and found their SXSW recorded session. I was pleased to discover the recordings of bands I have written about including, Two Gallants, Langhorne Slim, Willy Mason, Illinois, Trainwreck Riders and many others in my personal collection.

I have permanently bookmarked this site so that it is always close to home. Daytrotter succeeds in designing a consistent quality experience that authentically represents their vision. I marvel at the future possibilities of this website. As it evolves, I hope it broadens the musical culture beyond the boundaries of mediocrity.

o'death sessions
Langhorne Slim sessions
Willy Mason sessions

Daytrotter signature session archives

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