Matthew Winn / Wildebeest EP Release

Matthew Winn / WILDEBEEST is releasing a Five song EP entitled Some Heavy, Some Mighty. . This is a collection of songs that belong together. They are like a scrambled musical and lyrical puzzle, searching to find meaning within the broken fragments of thought. Musically he is branching out and adapting the music to the mood of the songwriting. Evan Louison lends his rich vocals on Wet Dog, Swampy Doors (Golder Lighting) and Palaces.

Starting with “How it Is” the title suggesting just that, but things aren’t that simple. The only thing rich around here is the coffee / and it ain’t that rich. He has burdens to bare because his / back pack / all heavy. This bluesy alt country music works well with throaty vocals. The sound gracefully changes. Trumpets and oboe are a welcome addition in an off beat jazz / blues and eclectic music mix in “Swampy Doors (Golder Lighting)”. The mood gets dark, alone and fearful. / And I am usually standing in dark / lost………… "Wet Dog” employs electric guitar riffs and upbeat drum tempo as Matt and Evan sing / It must be you that's a makin me feel like this wet dog / and belting / cause it ain't rainin so hard……..“Palaces” is a blues acoustic song with outstanding instrumental and vocal tracks that ring with clarity and bite. Literal phrasing like / children fucking on a bare mattress is juxtaposed with personification of architectural reference ……/ duel palaces entwined / drawbridge layed down / dual palaces embrace /stone and holy walls. He ends with an introspective song “Host and Hostage“. The trumpets chime in like a soft echoing choir, the finger picking guitar parts blend and the bassoon blows like a fog horn. The song ending with very faint bells…………

To Order Send $5.00 dollars to
Matt Winn
140 standard oils street
Athens Georgia, 30601

A few months back Matt completed a full length recording of 12 songs that he then edited down to ten. The full length is still in transition and the recording will be revisited.

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